Spirit Mission Meeting

It’s Meeting Time Again

When: Sunday, Feb 19 2017
Time: 1900 (7:00 pm) ET
Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3580
Access Code: *Please Contact Us via Email for the Access Code
Website: www.freeconferencecall.com
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The New Boingo WIFI Service For Cadets

Dear USAFA Parents,

An update from your Academy:  To address concerns we’ve heard from many cadets about Internet performance, we are in the process of installing a high-speed commercial service, which will provided by Boingo Wireless Inc.  This new, optional service will be in addition to the 24/7 access your cadet has to the current .edu local area network (LAN).

The concerns raised by cadets are largely related to the high amount of streaming Internet content (YouTube, Netflix, etc.) on a network designed to support education and mission requirements; not entertainment.  The addition of commercial high-speed internet will reduce the load on the .edu network while enhancing its security.  Further, this is just one step in a process of reengineering our internal networks to position them for projected increased future service demands.

If your cadet elects to take advantage of this optional service, they will be able to connect and install external hardware, equipment, and other programs.  The addition of commercial internet service allows USAFA to better deliver your cadet a world-class academic, military experience.  Boingo service will allow individual access from your cadet’s dorm room in Vandenberg or Sijan Hall as well as in the academic building, Fairchild Hall; with basic service starting at $29.95 monthly.  Some cadets may not be excited about the prospect of paying out-of-pocket for this service, but the increased quality of service is expected to outweigh the cost.

Cadets have already noticed the installation in progress and are asking when the service will be available.   Good news – it will be ready this summer.  We will forward the Cadet Wing more information once we have exact guidance for registration and activation.   Some additional information from our IT staff can be found in the story linked here:  CLICK

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of your cadet, the U.S. Air Force Academy and the U.S. Air Force!

Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson
Superintendent, U.S. Air Force Academy

24407_boingoFor more information click

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Army Air Corps bombardier, POW is Class of ’18 exemplar

Source: Army Air Corps bombardier, POW is Class of ’18 exemplar

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Welcome to the USAFA Class of 2018 Parent’s Spirit Mission Website

To the Parents of the Class of 2018:

The Spirit Mission Committee will raise money for the Cadets to honor them for reaching and accomplishing significant milestones at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  The major milestones of the four years are:

  1. Recognition ~ Freshman (C4C) ~ March 14th, 2015
  2. Exemplar ~ Sophomore (C3C) ~ Fall 2015
  3. Commitment ~ Junior (C2C) ~ August 2016
  4. 100S Night ~ Senior (C1C) ~ February 2018
  5. Graduation ~ Senior (C1C) ~ May 2018

Our first milestone for the 2018 cadets is right around the corner!  This Spirit Mission is the “2018 Recognition Milestone.”

Previous classes purchased specially minted coins for each cadet, made a congratulatory banner for “recognized cadets” for Mitchell Hall, donated to the 40 Morale, Welfare (MWR) funds, and gave a donation to the Rando Fund (https://giving.usafa.org/give/rando) during the Exemplar Dinner.

Parents from each class coordinate this tradition to honor our cadets and Academy.  Here are the websites for the past years:





The Spirit Mission Committee for the class of 2018 asks for your support to carry on this tradition.  Requests for donations will be posted through this website and the USAFA Class of 2018 Parents Facebook page.  More details to follow as we set our fundraising goals.  We anticipate all donations to be tax deductible and will notify everyone when the 501(c)(3) status is approved.

We thank you in advance for supporting our cadets and academy.


The USAFA Class of 2018  Spirit Committee.

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USAFA Class of 2018 Spirit Mission
PO Box 8005
Gadsden, AL 35902
United States

OR via PayPal
(link below)

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Commitment Dinner
Commitment Dinner *Confirmed Date*August 10th, 2016
*Date Confirmed*
Ring Dance
Cadet's Celebrate Receiving Class Ring *Actual Date Still Pending*May 15th, 2017
83 days to go.
100’s Day [and] Night
100 Days until Graduation *Actual Date Still Pending*February 15th, 2018
11 months to go.
Class of 2018 Graduation
US Air Force Academy Class of 2018 GraduationMay 23rd, 2018
15 months to go.
Recognition - March 2015March 14th, 2015
[Mission Accomplished]
Exemplar Dinner
Exemplar DinnerSeptember 11th, 2015
[Mission Accomplished]