Recognition Milestone – March 14, 2015

Recognition – March 14, 2015

This the first milestone that our cadets experienced at the United States Air Force Academy marking their transition from fourth-class cadets to the status of upper classmen.  The USAFA Class of 2018 Spirit Mission Committee supported this event with the presentation of a commemorative coin to all C4C cadets and their Cadre.

Here is the Class of 2018 Recognition Coin

photo 2photo 3-2

Recognition Congratulatory Banners were setup at Mitch’s.

20150314-2042 20150314-2043

The Class of 2018 at their Recognition Dinner.


Your Spirit Committee thanks our Fundraising Chair, Emeline Thomasson Laughlin and the other parent volunteers who prepared and repackaged the boxes so they could be delivered to the Cadre at the USAF Academy and presented to our Cadets, the Class of 2018…



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Thank you to all who supported this Spirit Mission with funding and time.

As of 1 Dec 2017, we are no longer accepting donations.

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